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MMC Activities

 Micromachine Center (MMC) is involved in various activities in cooperation with companies, universities, national research institutes, in order to establish technological basis of future Micromachine / MEMS devices, as well as to develop MEMS / Micromachine industries.

 As to past activities of MMC, see MMC magazine (up to Jan.2011). Moreover MMC manages the official site of Micromachine Summit, the 1st annual meeting of which was held in Japan.
 Major activities of MMC are as follows.
National R & D Projects
Green Sensor Network System Project(2011-2014)
BEANS Project(2008-2012)
FineMEMS Project (2006-2008)
MEMS-ONE Project (2004-2006)
MEMS Project (2003~2005)
Micromachine Technology Project (1991-2000)
MEMS Standardization
MEMS Exhibition "MEMS Sensing & Network System"
Research Works such as MEMS Market in Japan
MNOIC (MEMS Open Innovation Center)
MIF (MEMS Industry Forum)

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