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MEMS Exhibition
"MEMS Sensing & Network System"

 MEMS Exhibition surpporting MEMS/Micromachine business is held every year in Tokyo and Yokomama. The number of both attendance and exhibitor has been growing at a rapid speed for these several years, and becomes one of the most promising exhibitions at this moment. The MEMS Exhibition is the best exhibition which offers,
  • Opportunity for introducing your latest technology & products to the wide range of prospective customers.
  • Chance to get feedbacks from your potential buyers.
  • Place of multidisciplinary exchange.
  • Occasion to collect the latest market demands and trends.

 "MEMS Sensing & Network System 2016" will be held on Sep.14-16, 2016 in Yokohama. The naming of MEMS Exhibition has been changed according to buisiness trend. "Micromachine Exhibition" (1990-2007), "Micromachine/MEMS Exhibition" (2008-2012) and NanoMicro Biz (2013-2015). From next year, the naming will be changed to "MEMS Sensing & Network System".

 Exciting seminars such as International Micromachine Nanotech Symposium, workshops of on-going R&D projects etc. are held every year in the event of MEMS Exhibition.
information on the past symposium (as of July, 2009)


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