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International Micromachine Nanotech Symposium

 International Micromachine/Nanotech Symposium is held every year together with MEMS Exhibition. The symposium aims to contribute to the advancement of Micromachine technology by referring to the latest technological information as well as the direction of the technological movement that brought here by foreign and domestic experts who are studying forefront technologies in the Micro/Nano field.

 The symposium originally started as the "International Micromachine Symposium" from 1995 to establish and disseminate the Micromachine technologies by presenting R&D results of the national project.

 From the eighth in 2002, the symposium organizes as International Micromachine/Nanotech Symposium that has the subtitle of "Micro systems implicated nanotechnology makes the Foundation of Industrial Technology in the next generation" by expanding the scope from micro to nano to integrate the nano into micro technology.

 Micromachine Center hopes that your inspiration catches quickly something, which is needed to solve the problem or remove obstacle in your research or in your business development.

Information of past symposium
The 22nd Symposium (2016.09.16) program
The 21st Symposium (2015.04.22) program
The 20th Symposium (2014.04.23) program
The 19th Symposium (2013.07.03) program
The 18th Symposium (2012.07.11) program
The 17th Symposium (2011.07.13) program
The 16th Symposium (2010.07.28) program
The 15th Symposium (2009.07.29) program
The 14th Symposium (2008.07.29)
The 13th Symposium (2007.07.26)
The 12th Symposium (2006.11.08)
The 11th Symposium (2005.11.10)
The 10th Symposium (2004.11.11) program
The 9th Symposium (2003.11.13) program
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