The 9th International Micromachine / Nanotech Symposium

The 9th International Micromachine/Nanotech Symposium
- Foundation of Industrial Technology in the 21st Century -

November 13, 2003
Science Museum, Tokyo

9:00 Registration
Session 1 : Opening Chairman :
Mr. Keiichi Aoyagi
9:30 9:35 Opening Remarks Mr. Toshiro Shimoyama,
Chairman, Micromachine Center
9:35 9:40 Guest丂Speech Mr. Sakae Takahashi,
Executive Director, NEDO
9:40 10:20 Special Guest Speech: MEMS and Opportunities for University / Industry Technology Transfer Prof. Nico F. de Rooij,
University of Neuchatel
10:20 11:00 Special Guest Speech: Turning MEMS Ideas Into MEMS Products Prof. Stephen D. Senturia, Massachusetts Institutes of Technology
Session 2 : The Path to New Industries in the 21st Century Chairman :
Prof. Isao Shimoyama
11:00 11:30 The Evolution of Relay to RF-MEMS for High-speed and Large-scale Signal Transmissin Dr. Koichi Imanaka,
OMRON Corporation
11:30 12:00 The Business Model of MEMS Industry and the Scope Mr. J.C.Eloy,
Yole Development
12:00 12:30 Reliability of the Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) Mr. Andrew B. Sontheimer,
Texas Instruments
12:30 13:30 ======== Lunch ========丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂
Session 3 : Innovative R & D丂 Chairman :
Prof. Koji Ikuta
13:30 14:00 The Fabrication of a100gm Co-Orbiting Satellite Assistant (COSA) Dr. Henry Helvajian,
The Aerospace Corporation
14:00 14:30 Bio Hybrid Nanomachine Assistant Prof. Shoji Takeuchi,
The University of Tokyo
14:30 15:00 Micro Power Generation Dr. Ryutaro Maeda,
National Institute of AIST
15:00 15:30 Nanochannels Assistant Prof. Wouter Olthuis, University of Twente
15:30 16:00 ======== Break ========丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂
Session 4 : Strategy for Micro/Nano technology
(Exploring of new MEMS development)
Chairman :
Prof. Hiroyuki Fujita
16:00 16:10 MEMS and Nanotechnology Industrialization Prof. Koji Ikuta,
Nagoya University
16:10 16:20 A Practical Use and Industrialization of MEMS in The Company Dr. Atsushi Yusa,
Olympus Optical Co. Ltd.,
16:20 16:30 Nano on Micro Prof. Isao Shimoyama,
The University of Tokyo
16:30 16:40 Two Directions of Development: Commercialization and Nano Frontier Prof. Hiroyuki Fujita,
The University of Tokyo
16:40 17:50 Panel Discussion (with seven panelists) Chairman: Prof. Hiroyuki Fujita
Panelists: Prof. Nico F. de Rooij,
Prof. Stephen D. Senturia,
Mr. J. C. ELOY,
Assistant Prof. Wouter Olthuis,
Prof. Isao Shimoyama,
Prof. Koji Ikuta,
Dr. Atsushi Yusa
Session 5 : Closing
17:50 18:00 Closing speech Mr. Keiichi Aoyagi, Executive Director, Micromachine Center