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MNOIC (MicroNano Open Innovation Center)

 MNOIC (MicroNano Open Innovation Center) offers the technical support for research and development of MEMS, Metal Mold and Wafer/Chip MEMS packaging utilizing a worldwide-level state-of-the-art 8 and 12 inches MEMS facility.

 MNOIC is established in 2011, as a part of an activity of MIF (MEMS Industrial Forum), Micromachine Center. Collaborating with UMEMSME(Research Center for Ubiquitous MEMS and Micro Engineering) in AIST (Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) JAPAN, and Utilizing the 8/12 inches MEMS facility at TIA [TKB812]. MNOIC offers the engineering expertise and skills to support industrial development

My Lab offer the R&D environment utilizing 8/12 inches MNOIC utility, equipment and office.
  • Customer can use the 8/12 inches state-of-the-art facilities during 1 year- or 6 months-term with special discount.
  • After evaluation, customer can decide whether they purchase these facilities in in-house or not.
  • Engineers can expand their human network.
  • Engineers can attend several MEMS engineering and MEMS based MOT seminars hosted by UMEMSME and MNOIC.
MY Fab offer the R&D equipment for the specific subject to the prototyping and evaluating.
  • Customer can use the facilities with one-time bases.
  • After the detailed investigation, customer can decide whether they introduce new equipment in in-house factory or not.
  • MNOIC also offers the operation of equipment for the small and start-up business.
  • MNOIC supports the introduction of affiliated MEMS foundry company for the production of MEMS.
Training of Engineers
  • MOT seminars
  • New marketing seminars
  • MEMS technology seminars
  • MemsONE design & simulation tool

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