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National R & D Projects

 Since 1992 MMC has been involved in several national R&D projects, aimed to establish new technological basis in cooperation with companies, universities, national research institutes.
Learning based Smart Sensing System Project(2016-2020)
Smart Sensing Interface Project(2016-2018)
Ultra-Low Power Atomic Clock Project(2015-2018)
Utility Infrastructure Monitoring System Project(2014-2018)
Road Infrastructure Monitoring System Project(2014-2018)
Micro Energy Harvester Project(2015-2016)
Innovative Recognition System for Autonomouse Driving Project (2015-2016)
Green Sensor Network System Project(2011-2014)
BEANS Project(2008-2012)
FineMEMS Project (2006-2008)
MEMS-ONE Project (2004-2006)
MEMS Project (2003~2005)
Micromachine Technology Project (1991-2000)

 Moreover, these R&D projects are expected to contribute a great deal to further expansion of MEMS / Micromachine industries. 


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