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BEANS Project (2008-2012)

 BEANS Project targets realization of New Life Style and implements establishment of fundamental process technologies for hetero-functional devices integrated with Nano and Bio-Organic technology.

Research & Development Themes

Bio/Organic Materials Integration Process
   >> Life BEANS Center at Univ. of Tokyo and Kyusyu Univ.

  • Nano-scale Interfaces Treatment
  • Bio/Organic Integrated Higher-Order Structure Formation

Novel fabrication technology for 3-D Nano-structures
   >> 3D BEANS Center at Univ. of Tokyo.

  • Top-down fabrication of monolayer-flat, defect-free 3D structure
  • Bottom-up technology for heterogeneous integration of materials and functions on 3-D platform

Large Area Continuous Process of Micro/Nano Structure
   >> Macro BEANS Center at AIST.

  • Non-vacuum large-area deposition techniques of high-quality nano/micro materials
  • Continuous nano/micro -machining and integration Process for fiber substrates

Operation of BEANS Project

More than 110 researchers are dispatched to BEANS Lab or join the BEANS Project 16 companies, 8 universities, 1 national institute, and 2 organizations.

Combination of cutting-edge researchers from academia and a experienced management team from leading companies, outcomes of the project, to establish innovative process platforms of BEANS, could be maximized.

This unique scheme enables technology convergence by close and dense interaction between BEANS Centers and development of human resources who are indispensable for hetero-functional research and development.

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