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MEMS-ONE Project (2004-2006)
 Three-year MEMS-ONE project to develop integrated CAD system for MEMS aimed at improving efficiency of MEMS design process from 2004 to 2006. Both beginners and high end users of MEMS are anticipated to utilize MEMS-ONE system in manufacturing MEMS devices. 

 The beta version of MemsONE had been released in June, 2007. At the same time, the MemsONE support center had been established, which is in charge of MemsONE version-up and supporting users after 2007. The first commercial version of MemsONE will be launched in April, 2008.

 MEemsONE has user-friendly interfaces. Plug-in solvers developed by third parties will be welcome. And commercial software can be connected easily with MemsONE through data file.


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