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Green Sensor Network System Project (2011-2014)

Purpose of the GSN project

 To develop revolutionary new sensors that incorporate wireless communication functions, stand-alone power source functions and ultra-low power consumption functions (thereby resolving three issues common to all of the sensor devices used in sensor networks) and introduce sensor networks to demonstrate energy-saving effects, through visibility (environmental monitoring, determining energy consumption, etc.) and optimization (controlling energy consumption).

Development of green MEMS sensors

 Current and magnetic field (electrical energy), dust and gas (CO2 / VOC) concentration (air conditioning & ventilation), infrared array (human presence, motion & ambient temperature sensing)electric(al) generating and storage module

Development of green sensor terminals

 Sensors the size of band-aids (2 cm x 5 cm), mounted on flexible substrates; electrical generating module with indoor ambient lighting and its storage module; ultra-low power consumption analog energy management circuits; simultaneous multiple access (reception from 1000 terminals simultaneously) / high sensitivity receivers

Development of green sensor network system

 Construction of a network system in the laboratory and verification of energy-saving effect

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