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National R & D Projects

 Since 1991 MMC has been involved in several national R&D projects, aimed to establish new technological basis in cooperation with companies, universities, national research institutes.

 Strategy formulation for R&D of Environment Friendly MEMS technology (EfriM) 2020

 High Stability Ultra Low Power Atomic Clock (HS-ULPAC) Project (2019-2023)

 Non-Invasive Blood analytic Monitor For Behavior Improvement System (BaMBI) Project (2019-2023)

 Skin volatile biosensor based on Nano-Integrated Fluorometry (SNIF) Project (2019-2021)

 AI-enabled Innovative Recognition System for spatial mobile Robots (AIRs) Project (2017-2018)
 Learning based Smart Sensing System (LbSS) Project (2016-2021)
 Smart Sensing Interface (SSI) Project (2016-2018)
 Ultra-Low Power Atomic Clock (ULPAC) Project (2015-2018)
 Micro Energy Harvester (MEH) Project (2015-2016)

 Innovative Recognition Systems for Autonomouse Driving (IRiS) Project (2015-2016)

 Utility Infrastructure Core Monitoring System (UCoMS) Project(2014-2018)
 Road Infrastructure Monitoring System (RIMS) Project (2014-2018)

 Next-generation Precise Indivisually Livestock-management System Development Project (2014-2016)
 Social Sensor Systems (SSS) Project (2013)

 Green Sensor Network System Technology Development (GSN) Project (2011-2014)

 Bio Electro-mechanical Autonomous Nano Systems (BEANS) Project (2008-2012)

 Highly Integrated and Complex MEMS (FineMEMS) Project (2006-2008)

 MEMS Open Network Engineering System of Design Tool (MEMS-ONE) Project (2004-2006)
 MEMS Project (2003~2005)
 Micro TAS Project (2002-2005)

 High-speed Measurement Technology of Dioxins using microfluidic systems Peoject (2001)
 Micromachine Technology Project (1991-2000)

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