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MNOIC (MicroNano Open Innovation Center)

 MNOIC (MicroNano Open Innovation Center) offers the technical support for research and development of MEMS, Metal Mold and Wafer/Chip MEMS packaging utilizing a worldwide-level 8 and 12 inches MEMS facility.

 MNOIC is established in 2011, as a part of an activity of MIF (MEMS Industrial Forum), Micromachine Center. Collaborating with Device Technology Research Institute in AIST (Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) JAPAN, and Utilizing the 8/12 inches MEMS facility at TIA [TKB812]. MNOIC offers the engineering expertise and skills to support industrial development

My Lab offers the R&D environment utilizing 8/12 inches MNOIC utility, equipment and office.
  • Customer can use the 8/12 inches facilities during 1 year- or 6 months-term with special discount.
  • After evaluation, customer can decide whether they purchase these facilities in in-house or not.
  • Engineers can expand their human network.
  • Engineers can attend several MEMS engineering and MEMS based MOT seminars hosted by Device Technology Research Institute and MNOIC.
MY Fab offers the R&D equipment for the specific subject to the prototyping and evaluating.
  • Customer can use the facilities with one-time bases.
  • After the detailed investigation, customer can decide whether they introduce new equipment in in-house factory or not.
  • MNOIC also offers the operation of equipment for the small and start-up business.
  • MNOIC supports the introduction of affiliated MEMS foundry company for the production of MEMS.
Training of Engineers
  • MOT seminars
  • New marketing seminars
  • MEMS technology seminars

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