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The 12th World Micromachine Summit will be held on April 27-29, 2006 in Beijing. The World Micromachine Summit was initiated by MMC in Japan. The first Summit was held in 1995, ten countries and regions attended it. 18 countries and regions attended the World Micro Machine Summit 2005, which was held in Dallas, USA. All delegates from these countries and regions agreed that the next Summit would be held in China and the subtitle "Micro/Nano Technology and Applications" will be added under the original title to refer to the trend of the new technology development.


Beijing Jiuhua Spa & Resort (Żɽׯ in Chinese) is a large garden-style hotel in Beijing north suburb, Xiaotangshan area, situated just 12 kilometers from Capital Airport on 200,000 square metres of prime realestate. Xiaotangsheng area is famous for its hot springs , and people could enjoy it in hotel rooms or outside spring pools. It offers a large variety of services, such as restaurants, rooms, business center, halls for meetings and symposiums and recreational facilities.

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10:00~19:00April 26, 2006

First floor, building No.16 at Jiuhua Spa & Resort

8:00~9:00April 27, 2006

Meeting room 102 (second floor), building No.16 at Jiuhua Spa Resort


Beijing, the capital of the people's Republic of China, is the political, economic, scientific and cultural centre of the country. It is a dynamic modern metropolis. The 2008 Olympics will be held in the city. Beijing has a history of more than 3,000 years, steeped in rich experiences and memories. The former clay city wall of Yuan Great Capital, Ming Dynasty city wall, Forbidden City, the SummerPalace and the Temple of Heaven, all of these landmarks witness the city's history.
The topics of the Summit 2006:
  1. Country / Region Reviews.
  2. Current development status of MEMS and nano-technology, national plan and policy in different countries and regions.
  3. Development front, important fields and market forecast of MEMS and nano- technology.
  4. MEMS and nano-technology industrialization. Problems that concerned in accordance, such as standardization, foundry and road-map of commercialization.
  5. Cultivation, education and train of MEMS and nano-technology.
  6. International collaboration.

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