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The Micromachine Summit is an international forum uniting distinguished guests from around the world to discuss and exchange their views and ideas regarding a variety of issues having to do with micromachine, including MEMS , MST and Nano technology. The purpose of the event is to exchange information, embark on discussions and create collaborations between the different countries and regions. The discussions are focused on recent achievements and research plans of the different countries or regions, as well as many other topics including R&D, industrialization, education, standardizations, and training of MEMS and NEMS technology. The summit is an excellent opportunity for different regions of the world to collaborate and learn from one another, share their ideas and to collectively help enhance the future of MEMS and Nano technology.

The first Micromachine Summit was held in Kyoto, Japan, in 1995. The subsequent summits were in Montreux, Switzerland, Vancouver, Canada, Melbourne, Australia, Glasgow, Scotland, Hiroshima, Japan, Freiburg, Germany, Maastricht, The Netherlands, Grenoble, France, and Dallas, USA. Now you are welcome to attend the 2006 summit in Beijing




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