Markku Tilli

Senior Vice President, Research Okmetic Oyj

Markku Tilli obtained a degree in Materials Science (Physical Metallurgy) at Helsinki University of Technology (HUT) in 1974. Until 1980 he had various research and teaching positions at HUT specializing in crystal growth technologies. From 1981 to 1984 he  managed process research and development in Silicon project at HUT silicon wafer manufacturing pilot plant. Since 1985 he has had various managing positions at Okmetic in research, development and customer support areas, now he holds a position of Senior Vice President, Research. His MEMS related activities started in 1982 when he developed a process to make double side polished silicon wafers for bulk micromachined sensors. Since then he has developed advanced new silicon wafer types for MEMS, including special epitaxial wafers, SOI and SOI wafers with buried cavities. His  publication topics  include oxygen precipitation in silicon, silicon crystal growth, wafer cleaning as well as silicon wafer manufacturing technologies and applications in MEMS.

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