Sean Neylon

Chief Executive Officer


Sean Neylon obtained a Physics degree from the Imperial College of Science & Technology in London in 1977. Thereon he joined GEC Hirst Research Laboratories as a Design Engineer and later GEC Marconi where he was involved in a number of roles including design, development and manufacture of SAW filters, Microwave, Millimetre wave & RF Components. In the early 1990s as Business Development Manager he was responsible for diversifying the business away from traditional Space & Defence markets and into new emerging markets including mobile telecommunications and new automotive applications, successfully supplying innovative RF electronic subsystems to first tier manufacturers e.g. BMW, Rover and Volvo.
In 1997, he joined MICRONAS SA in Switzerland as Assistant Chief Executive Officer assisting in the restructuring of their Operations following the acquisition of ITT Intermetall GmbH. In January, 1999, he joined CSEM as Executive Vice-President responsible for the Microsystems Manufacturing Division with the specific mission of preparing it as a spin-off. Since the 1st of January, 2001 he has been the CEO of Colibrys SA and following the acquisition of Applied MEMS in December he has been the President of Colibrys Inc., Stafford Texas USA.
Sean Neylon is currently Chairman of NEXUS, the European Microsystems Networking Association.