John Moreland

Magnetics Group
Electromagnetics Division
Electronic and Electrical Engineering Laboratory
National Institute of Standards and Technology
United States Department of Commerce

Mailing Address:
NIST Mail Stop 818.03
325 Broadway
Boulder, CO 80305-3328

Electronic Contacts:
phone: 303-497-3641
fax: 303-497-3725
email: moreland@boulder.nist.gov
web: http://www.boulder.nist.gov/div818/81803/current/Nanoprobe/nanoprobe.htm

B.S. degree in Chemistry and Physics (double major), University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho (1977)
Ph.D. degree in Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara, California (1984)
Postdoctoral Associate, National Bureau of Standards, Boulder, Colorado (1984 - 1986)

Current Appointment:
Physicist - National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), 1986 to present

Current Research:
Dr. Moreland leads the Microsystems for Bio-Imaging and Metrology Project (1 staff, 3 postdocs, 2 graduate students, and 1 undergraduate student) at NIST.  Over the last 22 years at NIST he has assembled a laboratory focused on developing instrumentation for nanoscale metrology of electronic, magnetic, and biological materials and devices. His project designs, fabricates, and tests microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) for measurement applications in support of data storage, bioengineering, and telecommunications industries.  Project members are taking a chip-scale microsystems approach to metrology in an effort to advance instrumentation by improving sensitivity, portability, and cost as well as traceability to the SI. Dr. Moreland has published over 100  peer reviewed papers and received 4 patents, and has been invited to speak more than 40 times during his career at NIST.
Recent Project Programs  ($100,000/year or higher)
“Nanomagnetodynamics: Materials Metrology for Data Storage,” ended 2005
“Chip-Scale Atomic Clock,” ends 2007
“Chip-scale Atomic Magnetometer,” ends 2007
 “Integration of Micromechanical Sensors for Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy,” ended 2005
“Development of radio frequency tags for biological labeling and detection,” ends 2006
“Single Molecule Measurement and Manipulation,” ends 2007
“Traceable Methods for Quantitative Nanomechanical Testing,” ends 2007
“Single Molecule Enzymology – The Mechanics of Replication,” ends 2007
“Intrinsic Force Standards,” ends 2011