Raafat R. Mansour

Dr. Mansour received his Ph.D degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada in 1986. He Joined COM DEV, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, in November 1986 where he held several key positions at COM DEV’s Corporate R&D Department from 19861999. In December 1999, he joined the University of Waterloo as a full Professor. He has over 120 IEEE publications and 25 US and Canadian patents to his credit. He has contributed to many technological innovations in the field of RF Engineering.

Dr. Mansour is a Fellow of the IEEE. He serves on the Editorial Board of IEEE Microwave Theory and Technique as well as the Technical Program Committee (TPC) of IEEEMTT Symposium. He is the past Chair of the IEEE Microwave committee (MTT18), and a member of the IEEEMTT Technical Coordination Committee (MTT21) on RF MEMS. Dr. Mansour is an author of four Chapters published in two books in 2001 and 2005. He is a coauthor of book (inprint) to be published by Wiley in 2007.

Dr. Mansour holds an NSERC Industrial Research Chair on RF Engineering at the
University of Waterloo. He leads a research group consisting of 20 Ph.D graduate
students and research engineers. He is the founding Director of the Center for Integrated
RF Engineering (CIRFE) at the University of Waterloo. (


Dr. Raafat Mansour
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