Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering

Professor Lawes has combined an active scientific research career, with 42 years of management responsibilities in large scale, government and industry funded projects. He has considerable experience in individual project leadership, having led some 130 research projects. . His research interests are mainly in the fields of microfabrication technology, including electron beam and laser lithography and UV and X-ray LIGA for high aspect ratio microstructures and for microelectronics. He has a special interest in implementing technology transfer from academia to industry.

Professor Lawes was the Founding Director of the Central Microstructure Facility (CMF) at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in 1977 and remained its Director until he retired in September 2003. He is continuing his scientific career as a Visiting Professor at Imperial College, London and at Birmingham University. He is Chairman of the Microtechnology and Nanotechnology Professional Network of the UK Institution of Electrical Engineers and Director of a small industrial nanotechnology start-up company (MiniFAB), based in Australia.