Alessandro Ingrassia

He holds a degree in Physics from the University of Padova since 1993.
In the application area of High Energy Physics, in collaboration with CERN and INFN, he managed the Microelectronics Laboratory of the Department of Physics-Padova. In this function he was in charge for the development of Analog Integrated Circuits for High Energy Physics.
In 1998 he joined Alcatel Microelectronics NV, - Belgium, in charge of Italian and Israeli ASIC customers. In Year 2000 he created a 20 Engineers group in charge of High Voltage and Analog functions of xDSL communications.
In 2002, after Alcatel Microelectronics was acquired by ST Microelectronics, he was in charge of 45 Analog designers located in Italy, Belgium and Israel.
Since 2005 he's the General Manager of Canova Tech (
Canova Tech, "the Art of Silicon Sculpting", Designs and Develops Analog Intensive and High Voltage Interfaces and integrates them with or w/out any existing Digital Processing Unit or specialized IP sensors on the same Monolithic Integrated Circuit.