Mr. Dan Gale

Dan Gale is Chief Technology Officer for CMC Microsystems ( Over the course of his career, Dan’s leadership and commitment has helped to enable Canada’s distinguished and full participation in the global microsystems community. With over 25 years of experience, Mr. Gale developed and shaped CMC programs to enable university researchers to collaborate effectively with industry and acquire access to leadingedge microsystems technologies. Building on a solid foundation in microelectronics, CMC’s product and service portfolio now includes MEMS, microfluidics, photonics and embedded software. In 2000, he led the development of a national SystemonChip Research Network involving 33 universities, funded by the Canada Foundation for Innovation and Ontario Innovation Trust. In 2001, similar effort led to a funding award for the National Microelectronics and Photonics Testing Collaboratory, involving 21 universities and supported by the same Foundation, and three provincial agencies.

On a continuing basis, he serves as officer of CMC’s Board and as ViceChair of the corporate Technical Advisory Committee. He is also ViceChair on the Board of the Canadian Photonics Consortium (CPC). On the global stage, he is Chief Delegate (Canada) for the annual World Micromachine Summit—a leadership role that evolved from his participation in the Canadian delegation at the inaugural Summit hosted in Japan in 1995. Dan has also contributed to various MANCEF initiatives, helping to build international partnerships that support the development of Canadian R&D interests and commercial opportunities in microsystems.

Mr. Gale holds a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Queen’s University in
Kingston, Ontario, Canada.


Vice-President and Chief Technology Officer
CMC Microsystems
210A Carruthers Hall
Queen's University
Kingston, ON  K7L 3N6
Phone: (+1) 613.530.4660 
Fax:   (+1) 613.548.8104