Dr. Jason Chaffey

Dr Chaffey is the principal engineer with MEMS-ID responsible for
developing RF-ID MEMS chips for medical use. Dr Chaffey has been
actively involved in MEMS technology for almost a decade with extensive
experience in government research and university research laboratories.
Prior to his joining Mems-ID, Jason was involved in a number of key
technology laboratories including the Advanced Sensors Laboratory /
Microengineering section of the Scientific Engineering Services at DSTO,
and the Advanced Photonics Laboratory at RMIT. While studying at RMIT
University, Jason developed their postgraduate curriculum in
microtechnology which became a successful Masters Program in MEMS. He
was also a board member of the CRC Microtechnology education committee.

Dr Chaffey received his Bachelors in Advanced Science at the University
of New South Wales (Sydney) and his PhD from RMIT University
(Melbourne). He is a member of the Institute of Physics and the Chair of
the Australian Delegation to the World Micromachine Summit. He has
attended 6 summits.