Resume (Bingchu Cai)

Name: Bingchu Cai
Date of Birth: 05 August,1938
Sex: Male

Permanent Address: 1954 Huashan Road
                  Research Institute of Micro/Nano Science and Technology
                  Shanghai Jiao Tong University
 Shanghai 200030, China
          Tel. 8621-62821093(O),
          Email address:
Education:  Ph.D. Degree: 1984.1 majoring Materials Science and Engineering,
           Lehigh University, USA
           MS. Degree:  1982.1 majoring Materials Science and Engineering
           Lehigh University, USA
           BS. Degree: 1962. 7  majoring Materials Science and Engineering
           Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Working Experience:
      1962.9—1979.8,   Assistant prof. And  Lecturer in Shanghai
                       Jiao Tong University, china
Lecturer., Associate Prof., Prof. in Shanghai
Jiao Tong University, china
Visiting Professor in University of Virginia, USA
      1991.6—today     Professor, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, china.
Academic Memberships:
  Board Director:  Vacuum Society of China
  Chairman of Board Director:  Shanghai Vacuum Society China
More than 180 papers have been published in the journals and conferences in the area of “Thin Film Electronic Materials and Its Devices; MEMS technology”
Research interests:
high density recording media and heads.
MEMS technology
thin film sensors.