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Beijing Jiuhua Spa & Resort (Żɽׯ in Chinese) is a large garden-style hotel in Beijing north suburb, Xiaotangshan area, situated just 12 kilometers from Capital Airport on 200,000 square metres of prime realestate. Xiatangsheng area is famous for its hot springs , and people could enjoy it in hotel rooms or outside spring pools.It offers a large variety of services, such as restaurants, rooms, business center, halls for meetings and symposiums and recreational facilities.

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Traffic map

Traffic Lline

Its about 35KM from the Capital airport to JiuHua Spa & Resort which will be spent you 40 minutes to arrive by taxi, the fare is about 140 RMB.

There have two road lines to be chosen that each taxi driver is familiar.

The red line in the map:

from the Capital airport go down to the Tian-zhu crossroadthen turn right, go along Ku-liu-shu Roundabout until theShun-sha crossroad, turn left and then go straight to the Da-liu-shu Roundabout. you can see the JiuHua Spa & Resort, which is about 400miters far from the Da- liu-shu Roundabout

The green line in the map:

from the Capital airport go through the Five-ring road then go down to theJing-Cheng Expressway drive to the north untilthe Six-ring road crossroad, then swift the Six-ring street to the west then arrived the Xiao-tang-shan-Bei-yuan-lu crossroad, drive to the north until the Da-liu-shu Roundabout, turn right then you can seethe JiuHua Spa & Resort, which is about 400 miters far from the Da- liu-hu Roundabout.

The green line that the taxi drivers most like to take is much quicker than the red line, but you have to pay the expressway fare (10 yuan RMB), so its a little expensive than the red line.


Taxi Guidance

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Types of Guest Room


Standard Room
Business suite

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