Program for 7th Micromachine Summit

Monday, April 30
16:00 - 18:00 Registration, Dorint Hotel
18:00 - 21:00 Reception, Dorint Hotel
Tuesday, May 1
08:00 - 09:00 Registration, Konzerthaus
09:00   Opening Ceremony
1. National Activities in MEMS Education
09:15  Country Review
   lan Bates, Australia
RMIT University Melbourne
09:35  Canadian research, Technology and Product
Interests in Micromachining
Dan Gale, Canada
Canadian Microelectronics Corporation
09:45 Brief Introduction to MEMS in China
Zhaoying Zhou, China
Tsinghua University
09:55   Main Education profiles in France and
Training for Engineers
Daniel Hauden, France
Laboratoire de Physique et M6trologie des
10:05  Educational Concepts of MEMS in Germany
Jurgen Berger, Germany
10:15 Country Review
Takayuki Hirano, Japan
Micromachine Center
10:25 MEMS Education and Training Programs in Korea
Young-Ho Cho, Korea
10:35 Country Review
Paolo Dario, Mediterranean
Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, MiTech Lab
10:45 Coffee Break
11:15 Microsystems Education in the Nordic Region:
National Activities, Regional lnitiatives
Fransois Grey, Nordic
MIC, Technical University of Denmark
Sami Fransilla
Helsinki University of Technology
Liv Furuberg
SINTEF EIectronics and Cybernetics
KIas Hjort
Uppsala University
11:25 An Overview of the MEMS and R&D in Singapore
Shan Xue Chuan. Ling Shih Fu, Lim SP, Singapore
Nanyang TechnologicaI University
11:35 Country Review
Nico F. De Rooij, Switzerland
University of Neuchatel
11:45 MEMS in Taiwan: Year 2001 Status
Chih-Kung Lee
National Taiwan University
Min-Shyong Lin, Taiwan
11:55 Country Review
Geoff Beardmore, United Kingdom
Smiths Industries Aerospace
12:05 Country Review
Albert P. Pisano, Unites States of America
University of California
13:00 - 14:00 Lunch
2. Towards an Universal Campus
14:00 Education in micromachine/MEMS/MST Technology in Canada
A. M. Robinson, Canada
University of Alberta
R. N. Taft
Carleton University Ottawa
14:15 MEMS for OpticaI Telecommunication systems:
European Developments and perspectives
Jean-Christoph EIoy, France
Yole Developpement
14:30 Educating the New Engineer for Micromachine Technology
Naomasa Nakajima. Japan
Tokyo University
14:45 The New Engineer at Freiburg University
Ian Korvink, Germany
IMTEK, University of Freiburg
15:00 Educating New Micromachine Engineers in Taiwan
Chih-Kung Lee, Taiwan
National Taiwan University
Mh-Shyong Lin
15:15 Discussion
15:30 Coffee Break
3. Academic Research - Industrial Development
16:00 Cooperation for MEMS Progress
Hao Yiling, Wu Guoying China
Beijing University
16:15 Expectation of cooperation between academic research and midsized industrial companies
Robert Bauer. Germany
Sick AG
16:30 Recent Activities on Micromachines and Micromechanics in Italy
Paolo Dario, Mediteranian
Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna MiTech Lab
16:45 Academic Participation in the Regional Development of New Micro and Nanotechnology Industries
KJ. Snowdon, CJ. McNeil, J.S. Burdess, United Kingdom
University of Newcastle
17:00 Bio Microfluidics - USA Perspective
Dorian Liepman. USA
University of California
17:15 Micromachined and Integrated Electronic Nose Technologies
David J. Nagel, USA
George Washington University
17:30 Development an Application of RF MEMS Technology
Chuck Goldsmith. USA
Raytheon Corporation
Closing of the day
Banquet, Historisches Kaufhaus
Wednesday, May 2
4. The Role of MEMS in the International Market
09:00 MEMS and submicron CMOS technology
K. Baert, Benelux
09:15 MEMSOl: a route to a generic technology on SOT
Stephane Renard, Vincent Gaff, France
TRONIC'S Microsystems
09:30 Market Analysis and Road Map for Micromachine in Japan
Toshiro Shimoyama, Japan
Olympus Optical Co.
09:45 Future Prospect of Micromachining -
As an Innovative Technology
Kunihiko Hara, Japan
Denso Corporation
10:00 Coffee Break
10:30 Stepping Up MEMS Industrialization with GlobaI Networking
Suk-Han Lee, Korea
Samsung Corp.
10:45 The Impact for Micromachine Technology on Mobile Commmunications
Jong W. Lee, Jae Y. ParkJong U. Bu, Korea
LG EIectron lnst. Techn.
11:00 The International MEMS Market from a European View
Gaetan Menozzi, NEXUS
11:15 Market and Technology Development of MEMS-based OpticaI Switching Devices - A Worldwide and regional overview
Shan Xue Chuan, Lim Siak Piang, Singapore
Gintic lnst. Manuf. Techn.
11:30 Researches for Mechanics of Microsystems
- CMMS in Singapore
Shih-Fu Ling, David J. Ewins, Singapore
Nanyang Technological University
11:45 Expectations of Taiwan's Budding Micromachining Industries
- Towards Domestic Academic & Research Institute
Chih-Kung Lee, Taiwan
National Taiwan University
Min-Shyong Lin
12:00 High Expectations for MEMS in Optical Telecom
Nadim Maluf, USA
New Focus lnc.
12:15 MEMS for Mass Data Storage - USA Perspective
Albert P. Pisano, USA
University of California
12:30 Colibrys S.A., A flexible MEMS foundry in Europe
Sean Neylon, Switzerland
CEO, Colibrys S.A.
13:00 Lunch
14:00 - 14:45 Resume and Closing
16:00 - 20:00 Wine Tasting,
Winzergenossenschaft Kirchhofen
Thursday, May 3
09:15 Departure. Dorint Hotel
09:30 IMTEK, Freiburg
12:00 - 13:30 Lunch
14:00 - 17:00 SICK AG, Waldkirch
14:00 - 17:00

Micronas AG, Freiburg
17:15 Return to Dorint Hotel