Vacuum microelectronics device


A device that has the same functions (rectification, amplification, oscillation) as a vacuum tube based on the production of a microscopic cathode by silicon micromachining technology.

A microscopic pointed needle is produced by either vacuum deposition using a pin-hole mask, or silicon anisotropic etching, the needle being used as a microscopic field emission cold cathode. Field emission is a phenomenon in which a high electric field is applied to make electrons fly from the tip of the needle. Vacuum microelectronics devices compensate for the shortcomings of former vacuum tubes (large size and high calorific values) and offer characteristics such as a high charge transfer speed, withstanding voltage properties, heat resistance, and radiation resistance, which are lacking in semiconductor elements. Research and development is being carried out into such fields as flat panel cathode ray tubes with a large number of such cathodes, and into surface analyzers and vacuum gauges.


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