Thin film technology


A technology that forms thin films on substrate.

A thin film is a film formed on substrate by means of vacuum deposition or ion sputtering, and so on. The film thickness ranges from a layer of single atoms or molecules, to 5 μm thickness. Usually the term refers to those of a thickness of 1 μm or thinner. A thin film can change properties such as color, reflectivity, and friction coefficient of the substrate, while the shape of the substrate is left practically unchanged. Phenomena like optical interference and surface diffusion are noticeably affected by formation of thin films. Thin films formations usually take nonequilibrium, heterogeneous nuclear formation step, which brings on structural properties different from that of bulk materials produced under ordinary equilibrium conditions. In one application, thin film technology combined with etching improved the degree of integration of a thermal printer head that was conventionally manufactured by thick film technology.


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