Piezoelectric actuator


An actuator that uses piezoelectric material.

Piezoelectric actuators are classified into the single-plate, bimorph, and stacked types, and the popular material is lead zirconate titanate (PZT). The features are: 1) Quick response, 2) Great output force per volume, 3) Ease of miniaturization because of simple structure, 4) Narrow displacement range for easier micro-displacement control, and 5) High effeciency of energy conversion. Piezoelectric actuators are used for the actuators for micromachines, such as ultrasonic motor, micro-displacement stage, fan, pump, and speaker. An applied example is a piezoelectric actuator for traveling mechanism which moves by the resonance vibration of a piezoelectric bimorph, and a micro-positioner piezoelectric actuator which amplifies displacements of a stacked piezoelectric device by a lever.


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