mechanical device that grasps microscopic objects.(IEC/2015)


Microgrippers have two roles. They can be used as tools to assemble micromachines or as the hands of microrobots, etc. In either case, the microgripper has fingers to grasp objects and an actuator to handle them. Compared to a microrobot hand, microgrippers are structurally large but require precise control. As the function of a microgripper is simply to grasp an object, multi-degrees of freedom handling requires the combination of suitable manipulators. Compared to non-contact-type handling using a laser beam, contact-type handling based on a microgripper or similar device gives better attitude control of the object. However, if the object to be handled is below several tens of micrometres in size, the attractive forces between the surfaces of the microgripper fingers and the object handled make manipulation difficult.


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