Microscopic surgery, Micro-surgery


Surgical operation performed under a microscopeview.

One attractive technique today is surgery performed under a stereoscope. While the technical term for this is microscopic surgery, in Japan it is called micro-surgery. Microscopic surgery is practiced in otolaryngology, ophthalmology, neurosurgery, vascular surgery, plastic surgery, and other areas. Currently, surgery of the smallest scale is performed in suturing arteries, veins, and nerves with a diameter of around 800 μm using needle and thread with a diameter of around 20 μm. However, because surgeons must manipulate the needle holder, forceps, and scalpel by hand and perform the same actions as in ordinary surgery, these sizes of blood vessels and nerves are considered to be the limit. Therefore micro-teleoperation and other micromachine technology holds considerable promise for the future.


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