Engineering relating to optical devices integrating optical waveguides and other optical components on the same substrate and incorporating mechanical components.

By combining actuators and mirrors, etc., light can be deflected to a far greater degree than with electro-optical or acoustic-optical effect methods. As one example, a Fabry-Perot interferometer that electri-cally changes the transmitted wavelength by electrostatically changing the spacing of reflecting mirrors has beeen manufactured on a silicon substrate. Four drive electrodes and four space detecting electrodes are used to move in parallel the silicon reflecting mirrors to the required spacing. This inter-ferometer is used for light with a wavelength of around 1.5 μm. Another example is the application to optical scanners, including a laser printer head and a torsion mirror. Research is also focusing on devices known as micromechanical optical IC sensors that have moving parts within optical integrated devices and optically measure mechanical quantity.


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