A technology for remotely manipulating (teleoperating) a microscopic robot.

Micro-teleoperation systems are systems in which humans give instructions to microrobots to implement microscopic work. This remote manipulation technology, which makes the remote operator feels as if he/she is actually at the scene of the operation, is effective for operations requiring a precise manipulation in such fields as gene manipulation, cell manipulation, and microscopic surgery or microsurgery. In addition, micro-teleoperation is also effective for microscopic work such as inspection and repairs in areas that conventional machines cannot reach. As the operability of teleoperation systems is highly dependent on the arm control method, the development of a special micro-teleoperation arm control method is required. In particular, when manipulating objects in the microscopic world where dynamic behavior differs from the ordinary world, special control technology is required to realize a remote manipulation system where the operator can feel the operation just as in real world manipulation.


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