Optics for the microscopic world of micromachines.

The important requirement for the use of a micro-optical system on measurement or control in the microscopic region is that the fabrication and optical adjustment of micro-optical devices are possible. Micro-optical devices such as micro-waveguide, micro-diffraction grating, micro-lens, micro-filter, micro-modulator-demodulator, and micro-light emitter-receiver are fabricated experimentally by LIGA process and so on. Also, for adjustment of these devices, micro-actuator mechanism and other fundamental technologies have been studied. An application example that is already in use is the head of optical disk units. Studies are also carried out on optical fiber positioning equipments, optical switches, optical scanners, micro-interferometers, variable focus mirrors and so on. It is planned that in the future, not only the micro-optical devices and their control circuits are fabricated on the same substrate, but also the actuators will be combined onto a single optical integrated circuit.


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