A process for obtaining the desired shape of microscopic components after pouring a liquefied material into a mold.

Micromoulding is a microforming process that uses such means as compression, transfer, injection, and blowing to form a desired shape in a metallic mould. Microshapes are created by feeding raw materials such as polymers and ceramics into a mould. In the LIGA process, plastics are formed in a metallic mould using precision moulding technology. In a typical example, a low-viscosity plastic is degassed and fed into the vacuum mould under high pressure to prevent bubbling and to fill small gaps completely. Heat treatment is performed at high temperature under high pressure to cure the plastics, to release the stress, and to compensate for shrinkage. The plastics structures made with this reaction injection moulding technology can be plated and used themselves as moulds to produce metallic structures.


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