Micro-heat transfer engineering


Heat transfer engineering for the microscopic world of micromachines.

Heat transfer mechanisms in micromechanical systems are basically the same as such mechanisms for macrosystems except that the typical dimensions of the system are smaller, and therefore conventional empirical or theoretical equations cannot be directly applied. When applying conventional empirical equations relating to heat transfer, care must be taken of the value of the dimensionless parameters concerning heat transfer. The heat transfer in micromechanical systems is roughly divided into two aspects: the heat transfer within the micromechanical element, and the heat transfer surrounding or occurring in the flow of that fluid. In the former case, the heat transmits as a result of thermal conduction, while in the latter case, the heat transfer accompanying the fluid's movement must be considered as well as thermal conduction. In both cases, it is necessary to release the heat generated within the element outside the system. Otherwise, the temperature of the system rises, impairing the accuracy of the system. Accordingly, the design of the heat releasing system is extremely important, particularly if the amount of heat generated in the element is large.


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