Integrated mass flow controller


A gas-flow control device integrating microvalves with flowmeters fabricated by micromachining on a substrate.

An example is as follows. The microvalve consists of silicon and glass substrates attached to each other. The silicon substrate is processed by silicon micromachining to produce a port section opened and closed by a diaphragm, and the glass substrate is processed to incorporate a gas inlet and outlet. The diaphragm is operated by a piezoelectric or electrostatic actuator. Various types of valve structures, such as a three-way valve structure have been developed. A thermal-type flow sensor that detects heater temperature drop caused by the gas-flow is often used. Research and development is targeting the control of the gas flow at a molecular level for semiconductor manufacturing devices requiring high-purity gas. A small-scale gas-flow control device that integrates valves and flow sensors has been realized.


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