Film electrostatic actuator


A thin-film actuator that uses electrostatic force.

Film electrostatic actuator is driven by the electostatic force between a stator and a slider. It is possible to design an actuator which has no electrode on the slider by using inductive charge on high-resistance film. This type of actuator does not need to adjust the position or angle between the stator and the slider, and manufacture and assembly are simple even if the electrode pitch is minute. There is also little friction because a levitation force is generated at drive actuation, obviating the need for a bearing mechanism. Conversely, when the actuator stops, attraction occurs, and a strong holding force arises. The actuator is characteristic in that it can be manufactured in a thin, flexible film form. Also, because force is generated from the entire surface of the slider, the generated force is strong, and high output can be obtained by lamination of the films. In addition, movement of three degrees of freedom can be realized by using multiple pairs of electrodes in different directions.


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