Date: November 10, 2005
Venue: Science Museum, Science Hall, Tokyo, Japan
Registration fee: 20,000 Yen
(Only cash payment on site is accepted, Any credit card not be accepted.
Organizer : Micromachine Center
Supported by: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)
Cooperators: The Federation of Micromachine Technology
The Japan Machinery Federation
Japan Robot Association
Japan Analytical Instruments Manufacturers Association
Organization Committee
Prof. Isao SHIMOYAMA, The University of Tokyo, Japan
Prof. Hirofumi MIURA, Kogakuin University, Japan
Prof. Susumu SUGIYAMA, Ritsumeikan University, Japan
Prof. Hiroshi IMACHI, Tohoku University, Japan
Mr. Keiichi AOYAGI, Micromachine Center, Japan
Advisory Board
Mr. Jason CHAFFEY, Research Micro Engineer - DSTO
Mr. Dan GALE, Canadian Microelectronics Corporation
Prof. Emmanuel BIGLER, ENSMM-Besanscon-France
Prof. Dr. Roland ZENGERLE, University of Freiburg
Prof. Paolo DARIO, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Prof. Albert van den BERG, University of Twente
Prof. Nico de ROOIJ, University of Neuchatel
Prof. Geoff BEARDMORE, Myriad-Technology
Dr. Michael GAITAN, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Prof. Zhou Zhao Ying, Tsinghua University
Program Committee
Prof. Hiroyuki FUJITA, The University of Tokyo, Japan
Prof. Osamu TABATA, Kyoto University, Japan
Prof. Kazuhiro HANE, Tohoku University, Japan
Prof. Yoshinobu BABA, Nagoya University, Japan
Dr. Ryutaro MAEDA, Institute of Mechanical System Engineering, AIST, Japan
Dr. Takashi USUDA, Metrology Institute of Japan, AIST, Japan
Mr. Ryo OTA, OLYMPUS Corporation, Japan
Mr. Kazuyoshi FURUTA, Seiko Instruments Inc., Japan
Mr. Yutaka TAKEI, SONY CORP., Japan
Mr. Takayuki HIRANO, Camera & Imaging Products Association, Japan
Mr. Keiichi AOYAGI, Micromachine Center, Japan

 - Micromachine Technology is Pulling the Creation and Development of New Industries -
November 10, 2005, The Science Museum, Tokyo
8:45〜  Registration
Opening   Chairman: Keiichi Aoyagi (MMC)
9:15〜9:20 Opening Remarks Tamotsu Nomakuchi (Micromachine Center)
9:20〜9:25 Guest Speech Yoshinori Komiya (Industrial Machinery Division, Manufacturing Industries Bureau, METI)
Special Session Towards Development of New MEMS Industries  

Strategies for Further Development of MEMS Industries and Emerging Applications

Hiroyuki Fujita (The University of Tokyo)
9:40〜11:00 Panel Discussion
 Towards Development of New MEMS Industries
Coordinator: Hiroyuki Fujita (The University of Tokyo)
Panelist: Hitoshi Ogata (Mitsubishi Electric Corp.),
     Haruo Ogawa (Olympus Corp.),
     Yoshinori Komiya (METI),
     Hiroya Taguchi (The Japan Society of
     Mechanical Engineers) ,
     Tsuneyuki Miyake (Nikkei Business
     Publications, Inc.),
     Harri Kopola (VTT Electronics)
セッション 1 The Forefront of the Micromachine Busines Chairman: Isao Shimoyama (The University of Tokyo)
11:00〜11:25 The Inkjet Printer and Its Industrial Application Mitsuro Atobe (Seiko Epson Corp.)
11:25〜11:50 The Inkjet Printer and Its Industrial Application Kunihiko Nakamura (Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.)
11:50〜12:20 Acceleration Sensors Bob Sulouff (Analog Devices Inc. )
12:20〜13:20 Lunch
セッション 2 Micromachine Applications Expected to Flower Chairman: Kazuhiro Hane (Tohoku University)
13:20〜13:45 Biomedical Application of BioMEMS and Nanotechnology Yoshinobu Baba (Nagoya University)
13:45〜14:15 Optical Applications - Potential and Challenge for MEMS - Harri Kopola (VTT Electronics)
14:15〜14:40 Development of Integrated Micro Reactors with Reformers for Small Fuel Cells Osamu Nakamura (Casio Computer Co., Ltd.)
14:40〜15:10 MEMS and Nanotechnology for Space Applications Dr. Thomas George, Director of Product Development, ViaLogy Corporation
(Former Group Supervisor of NASA's JPL)
15:10〜15:35 Fine MEMS Isao Shimoyama (The University of Tokyo)
15:35〜15:50 Break
セッション 3 The Leading Edge of Micromachine Technology Chairman: Ryutaro Maeda (AIST)
15:50〜16:15 MEMS-related Nanomaterials Gen Hashiguchi (Kagawa University)
16:15〜16:40 Ultraprecision Micromachining and Its Application Yoshimi Takeuchi (Osaka University)
16:40〜17:05 Nanometrolog - Subnanometer-scale Dimensional Measurement Using Atomic Force Microscopy - Satoshi Gonda (Advanced Semiconductor Research Center, AIST)
17:05〜17:35 Understanding the Limitations of Structural Films and Nanomaterials Christopher Muhlstein
(The Pennsylvania State University)
17:35〜17:40 Closing Remarks Keiichi Aoyagi (MMC)

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Symposium Registration Fee :   20,000 yen (incl. Proceedings)

Payment :  Cash payment only at reception counter, No credit card accepted.
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Access to the venue
* Science Museum (2B, Science Hall)
Address: 2-1, Kitanomaru-Koen, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
phone: +81-3-3212-8448

Subway station:  
 * Takebashi Station (7 min.)
     the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line
 * Kudanshita Station (10 min.)
     the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line,
     the Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line and
     the Toei Subway Shinjuku Line

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